Media Lab was effectively incorporated into a Stage Two unit of work. Students investigated the effect of humans’ actions on the environment and the associated impact on the life cycles of living things.

The flipbook activity was an ideal way for children to represent a specified life cycle while developing an understanding of the history of Stop Motion. After researching an endangered animal and presenting their findings in information reports, students developed a narrative about their endangered animal. They learned how to storyboard and use Stop Motion to showcase their work in a multi-modal way.

Media Lab enabled seamless integration of various Key Learning Areas to facilitate a streamlined delivery of syllabus requirements. Most importantly, it promoted high student engagement through practical and interesting learning experiences.

– Rachel, Year 4 Science teacher


“Very easy to follow, simple, good video and online resource links, relevant to the student’s ages. I liked that it covered the history element of stop motion in a simple and easy way to understand, it didn’t drag that element out too much. The short activities were also really helpful, they kept the kids engaged and not bored, but weren’t too hard to organise either.”
– Haley, Years 9 & 10 Media Arts teacher

“I found the information great…students found this very engaging. The forms were very useful as handouts.”
– Tammy, Year 7 Drama teacher

“This is brilliant – I now know what I’m doing with students in Term 3.”
– Mira, Year 8 English teacher

“My students didn’t want to leave the classroom for lunch break!”
– Rachel, Year 4 Science teacher